Dr. Huda Al-Duwaisan

hudaalduwaisan1Dr. Huda Al-Duwaisan
Primary Healthcare Faculty
Kuwait Institute for Medical Specialization

Dr. Huda Al-Duwaisan is a graduate of Kuwait University’s College of Medicine and has received her fellowship in family medicine from the United Kingdom’s Royal College of General Practitioners. She is currently the head of the Yarmouk Primary Health Care Clinic, which is recognized now as the first healthy city in Kuwait by the World Health Organization. In addition, Dr. Al-Duwaisan is head of the Primary Health Care Faculty at the Kuwait Institute for Medical Specialization and is a trainer and examiner in the Family Medicine board in Kuwait. She is also the head of the Association of Family Physicians and General Practitioners and vice head of Yarmouk District Council. Dr. Al-Duwaisan has recently, in 2014, been included in the award for the Women in Science Hall of Fame by the Embassy of the United States in Kuwait.

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