Dr. Andreas Liebl

andreas1Dr. Andreas Liebl
Medical Director
Center for Diabetes and Metabolism
Fachklinik in Bad Heilbrunn,

Andreas Liebl is Medical Director of the Center for Diabetes and Metabolism at the Fachklinik in Bad Heilbrunn, Germany. His research interests include insulin therapy, pharmacoeconomics, insulin pump therapy, CGM and other diabetes technology, and intraperitoneal insulin therapy.

Dr Liebl is board member of the Working Group ‘Diabetes Technology – Insulin Pumps and Blood Glucose Sensors’ of the German Diabetes Association (DDG). He is chairman of the Diabetes Expert Commission FKDB within the German Diabetes Association DDG. Dr Liebl has been author or co-author of more than 100 national and international publications, and has delivered numerous presentations at scientific meetings all over the world.

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