Prof. Alberto Zambon

alberto1Prof. Alberto Zambon
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences
University of Padua

Prof. Alberto Zambon is the Director of the Lipoprotein Core Laboratory at the Centre for Atherosclerosis Prevention and Treatment, the Department of Medicine, University of Padua, Italy, where he also holds the position of Associate Professor of Medicine. Dr. Zambon maintains several collaborative projects with the Division of Metabolism, Endocrinology and Nutrition and the Division of Cardiology at the University of Washington, Seattle, USA, where he is an Affiliate Associate Professor. Following his MD at the School of Medicine, University of Padua, Dr. Zambon completed his internship and residency at the University’s Department of Medicine. He then completed a postdoctoral fellowship in the Division of Metabolism, Endocrinology and Nutrition at the University of Washington in Seattle, US. Prof. Zambon obtained his PhD in Gerontology at the School of Medicine, University of Padua, in 1998. In 2004 and again in 2006, Dr. Zambon was a Visiting Professor in the Department of Genome Sciences, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, US.

His current research projects focus on mechanisms of atherosclerotic plaque progression and regression and in particular in relation to the genetic background leading to lipoprotein abnormalities responsible for the unstable atherosclerotic plaque.  A second line of research focuses on the common pathophysiological links between lipoprotein metabolism and bone remodeling with a particular interest in the role of lipid oxidation. The recipient of numerous awards and honors, including the American Federation for Aging Research (AFAR), Paul Beeson Physician Faculty Scholarship. Prof. Zambon has published widely and is the author of 70 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters.

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